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Unfortunate announcement made involving David Pastrnak

Published April 27, 2024 at 4:21 PM

Despite his reputation as an NHL superstar, Bruins forward David Pastrnak has had a slower start in the playoffs.

Statistics released recently shed light on his performance, revealing that he has only managed two shots on net during 5-on-5 play in the series so far.

This surprising stat has raised eyebrows among fans and analysts alike. If the Bruins can't get David Pastrnak going, they might be in trouble. He has yet to look like himself in this series and if you're a Bruins fan you just hope that he can get going sooner rather then later.

Stat I had to check twice: David Pastrnak has only two 5x5 shots on net.

However, despite his limited shots on goal, Pastrnak has still managed to contribute to the team's success with three points in three games. Nonetheless, the question remains: with such low shot numbers during even-strength play, one can't help but wonder how much more impactful he could be if he were more effective in this aspect of the game.

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Crazy statistic shows how the Bruins need more from Pastrnak
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Unfortunate announcement made involving David Pastrnak

Will Pastrnak get going before this series is over?

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