Colorado Star Caught In Controversy Involving A Firearm

Published August 24, 2023 at 9:32 PM

After a hiatus of around 10 months, Valeri Nichushkin's Instagram has stirred up attention with his latest post. It's his first since the 2023 playoffs, and it's got people talking.

Intriguing Photos Emerge

Nichushkin's recent Instagram upload features him posing with what appears to be a formidable weapon. A second image depicts him with someone else holding the same weapon. The caption "brothers" accompanies the photos, all snapped in Nichushkin's hometown of Chelyabinsk, Russia. Notably, he's sporting a significant ring in both shots, although it's unclear whether it's his 2022 Stanley Cup ring. The Russian text in the initial picture translates to "romance" or "love."



Recalling a Playoff Disappearance

Memories resurface from the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs when Nichushkin surprisingly vanished after just two games. This unexpected absence was a blow to the Colorado Avalanche given his contributions to the team. The situation took an odd turn as news emerged that Nichushkin had been escorted from a Seattle hotel by security. A team doctor and law enforcement addressed an incident in his hotel room. Per police reports, a woman in the room was severely intoxicated, prompting concern that she might elude authorities. The woman, of Russian descent but born in Ukraine, reported the theft of money and a passport by "bad" individuals. Nichushkin didn't return to the Avs for the rest of the postseason, resulting in the defending champions' first-round exit against the Kraken. Despite these events, Nichushkin hasn't provided public statements and hasn't faced any charges, as far as is known.

Contextual Undercurrents

The timing of these posts coincides with heightened tensions surrounding Russia. The images might not have been the wisest move on Nichushkin's part. His prior post prior to this was at the commencement of the 2022-23 season.

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Colorado Star Caught In Controversy Involving A Firearm

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