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Paul Maurice takes a shot at Pastrnak following his fight with Tkachuk

Published May 9, 2024 at 5:15 PM

In the aftermath of Game 2 between the Florida Panthers and Boston Bruins, one incident stood out and has continued to dominate the headlines: the late third-period fight between David Pastrnak and Matthew Tkachuk.

This intense moment on the ice captured the attention of fans and media alike, reflecting the heightened emotions and stakes of the playoff series.

Following the game, Panthers head coach Paul Maurice addressed the media and shared his thoughts on the brawl.

His response was straightforward and indicative of his stance on physical play.
"I thought it was awesome,"
Maurice stated, clearly approving of the spirited encounter.

Paul Maurice on the Tkachuk-Pastrnak fight: «I thought it was awesome.»

This comment underscores Maurice's appreciation for the gritty aspects of hockey and signals his support for his players stepping up physically, even his top scorers like Tkachuk.

Maurice's endorsement of the fight highlights his belief in tough, assertive play, especially in the high-pressure environment of the NHL playoffs.

It appears that the Panthers' head coach has no reservations about his key players getting involved in such clashes, viewing them as an integral part of playoff hockey.

This perspective sets the tone for the team as they continue their quest in the postseason, possibly encouraging a more aggressive approach in upcoming games.

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Paul Maurice makes controversial statement after Tkachuk-Pasta fight
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Paul Maurice takes a shot at Pastrnak following his fight with Tkachuk

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