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Alex Goligoski opens up about his future in the NHL

Published April 8, 2024 at 7:58 PM

In the fast-paced world of pro sports, getting older is tough. Alex Goligoski, the Minnesota Wild's experienced defenseman, is feeling it at 38.

With only a year left on his contract, he's wondering if it's almost time to hang up his skates.

The Wild aren't doing great this season, sitting in 6th place in their division and pretty much out of the running for the playoffs. For Goligoski, it's sinking in that this might be his last hurrah in the NHL.

He's trying not to stress about it too much.
"You never really know how it'll turn out," he says. "I'm just focusing on the game and hoping for the best."

Back on the ice after a break, Goligoski's doing okay, with nine assists in 32 games.

He's cheering on his teammates, even when he's not playing.
"You gotta support the guys," he says. "You never know when you'll get your chance again."

But he's not dwelling on what's next.
"I'm just taking it one game at a time," he explains. "I'll think about the future when the season's over."

Goligoski's had a long career, playing over a thousand games for teams like the Dallas Stars, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Arizona Coyotes. But what's next for him remains to be seen, as he faces the uncertain future of retirement.

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Alex Goligoski opens up about his future in the NHL

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