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Controversial Analyst Calls Out Former Teammate For Dirty Play

Published January 27, 2024 at 12:11

During the intense Montreal versus New York match in the third quarter, Brendan Gallagher of the Canadiens executed a risky hit on Adam Pelech, striking him in the head with his elbow. The collision left Pelech down on the ice for a considerable time.

For those who may have missed the incident, it's crucial to understand the severity of the hit:

Former Montreal teammate PK Subban, known for his straightforward approach, voiced his concern about Gallagher's actions. Comparing it to a previous incident involving Charlie McAvoy, Subban stressed the need for consistency in evaluating such hits. He emphasized the inexcusable nature of Gallagher's move, describing it as a deliberate elbow to the chin during a crucial point in the game. Subban called for a severe penalty, citing an intent to injure and the detrimental impact on the team.

Subban's strong stance highlights the gravity of the situation, and he urges player safety to intervene, expressing his disappointment in seeing such incidents tarnish a well-played game.

However, Subban is not alone in his opinion.

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Controversial Analyst Calls Out Former Teammate For Dirty Play

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