Former Leafs GM talking to another team

Published May 22, 2023 at 12:34

In a turn of events that caught many by surprise, Kyle Dubas, the former General Manager (GM) of the Toronto Maple Leafs, finds himself without a job after the team decided to part ways with him.

Dubas' recent press conference, where he emphasized his commitment to the Leafs, seemed to suggest he had no intention of exploring opportunities with other teams this summer.

However, according to NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman, the Pittsburgh Penguins may inquire about Dubas' interest in joining their organization.

»Pittsburgh is deep in their search, there's a chance we could know next week. But at the very least now, I think they're going to reach out and ask and guage what his interest is. I don't know what the answer to that question is, but I do think the Penguins are to reach out and get permission to talk to him and see where he is.«

While the Penguins are currently considering other finalists for the GM position, the potential involvement of Dubas could reshape the decision-making process.

With his contract expiring, Dubas initially expressed interest in returning to the Leafs. However, team president Brendan Shanahan revealed a change of heart after witnessing Dubas' media day, where he mentioned the toll the job had taken on his family and his uncertainty about continuing.

Despite Dubas' desire to negotiate a new contract, Shanahan informed him that the Leafs had chosen a different path. Now, the question remains whether the Penguins will benefit from this unexpected development. Only time will tell as Dubas' future in the NHL hangs in the balance.
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Former Leafs GM talking to another team

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