Kevin Hayes heartfelt tribute to his brother two years after his death

Hunter Bowman
August 25, 2023  (7:31 PM)

In the shadow of heartache, Kevin Hayes steps onto a new path. The 2021-22 season looms, but his thoughts linger on the brother and confidant he lost too soon.

As summer unfurls its warmth, the St. Louis Blues make a calculated move, welcoming Kevin Hayes from the Philadelphia Flyers. The trade, a sixth-round pick in the 2024 draft, holds more than professional promise.
For Hayes, a change of scenery becomes a beacon of hope. Still grappling with the immense void left by his brother's passing, he seeks solace in a fresh start.
In a poignant article for today's Players' Tribune, Kevin Hayes pours his heart onto the page, a tribute to the brother he affectionately calls the "Dorchester Batman".
Two years have slipped by since Jimmy's departure, yet his memory remains vivid. Hayes imparts his desire to immortalize Jimmy's essence by sharing stories, speaking his name, and cherishing the laughter-filled moments they once shared.
With a resolute voice, Kevin asserts,
"Jimmy is not gone. We're still saying his name, every single day."
The ache is palpable, but the commitment to keep Jimmy's spirit alive fuels his determination.
Beyond the rink's confines, Kevin opens up about a pressing concern that has plagued not only hockey but also the entire nation.
«I lost my best friend because of a drug that is destroying America. It's not just a problem in hockey. It's a problem everywhere. It's a problem in Boston, West Virginia, Texas, California,/everywhere/. It's a problem with doctors and lawyers and engineers. Opioid addiction has probably touched most families in America at this point, and the only way we can save people is by bringing these stories into the light.»

In the midst of his personal pain, Kevin Hayes becomes a beacon of awareness. He acknowledges that opioid addiction's insidious grip has extended its reach into countless households across America.
The only path to salvation, he insists, lies in shedding light on these narratives, in bringing them into the open. The words he shares echo resoundingly:
"If pills can take my brother, they can take anyone."

In these simple yet poignant words, Kevin Hayes elevates his brother's memory while championing a cause that extends beyond the hockey arena.
Source: Hockeyfeed

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Kevin Hayes heartfelt tribute to his brother two years after his death

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