Former NHLer Defends Mike Babcock After Recent Allegations

Published August 22, 2023 at 8:11 PM

Babcock's Return: Divided Opinions and a Second Chance

As Mike Babcock readies to step onto an NHL bench after an absence of nearly four years, the discourse surrounding his return remains divided. While some question his presence, others firmly believe in his potential impact. Notably, a former 22-year NHL veteran has stepped up in support of Babcock's return.

In a recent appearance on the Raw Knuckles podcast, Brad May shared his perspective on Babcock's comeback. When asked about the coach's return, May revealed that he had engaged in discussions with members of the Columbus Blue Jackets, who are enthusiastic about Babcock's presence.

"Here's the reason why they're excited, they're going to become better players. Babs is a hell of a coach, he's very prepared, maybe a little bit of an inability to connect to some of his players, and I'm sure over the last few years, there's a come to Jesus moment, where, hey I gotta treat people differently, the old school's out."

Babcock's tenure as head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs ended in November 2019, marking the first time he had been relieved of coaching duties in his career. Subsequent to his departure, reports emerged detailing his interactions with players from the Maple Leafs and other teams, painting a less favorable picture. May, however, expressed that Babcock should be granted another opportunity, much like anyone else who acknowledges their past mistakes and strives for personal growth.

"If you do the steps necessary and you have the ability, are we all not looking for a second chance? If my answer was no, Mike Babcock shouldn't be a coach in the NHL ever again, that's the most ignorant thing to say, in my opinion."

May's own experience under Babcock during his time with the Detroit Red Wings likely played a role in shaping his perspective. As Babcock steps back into the spotlight, the hockey world will continue to grapple with the complexities of second chances and the evolution of coaching approaches.

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Former NHLer Defends Mike Babcock After Recent Allegations

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