Toronto Maple Leafs star William Nylander

Insider Drops Bomb On Possibility Of Star Leaving Toronto

Published January 2, 2024 at 11:15 PM

So, the whole Nylander contract dance with the Leafs has been pretty hush-hush, but today, Nick Kypreos spilled some beans on FAN590. Seems like they're on the brink of sealing the deal before the NHL All-Star Weekend.

The money talk? Well, it's floating around 11.25 million for eight years, according to Kypreos. Big bucks for a guy currently 5th in NHL scoring, tied with none other than Connor McDavid. But here's the kicker – Nylander hasn't hit 100 career points yet.

There is lots of talk about William Nylander, and it's trending close to the Leafs and Willy getting a deal done is what I hear. General feeling amongst both sides is that they'd like to get a deal done before NHL All-Star Weekend.

The other belief is that it will be a number that is over 11. 11.25 is the one that is probably mentioned the most...times eight.

If this deal goes down, Nylander joins the big earners' club, rubbing shoulders with McDavid, Matthews, MacKinnon, Panarin, and Karlsson, tying him with his buddy Pastrnak.

But wait, there's more drama. Leafs might face cap trouble next year juggling raises for Matthews and Nylander while still handling Tavares and Marner's contracts. It's got folks questioning if the Leafs have learned anything from past cap headaches.

In the end, it's a nail-biter, with the Leafs making a bold move for a core that hasn't exactly hit the jackpot together. Let's see how this chapter unfolds.

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Insider Drops Bomb On Possibility Of Star Leaving Toronto

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