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Toronto's Media Gets Publicly Called Out By NHL Team

Published January 4, 2024 at 11:52 PM

In the passionate hockey hub of Toronto, media organizations often face scrutiny from fans for their coverage. This time, the Toronto Sun finds itself in the spotlight as an NHL team takes issue with a headline that appears dismissive.

The Toronto Maple Leafs faced off against the Anaheim Ducks in a game that, on paper, seemed lopsided in playoff and Stanley Cup contention. However, fueled by the remarkable performance of rookie goaltender Lukas Dostal, the Ducks pushed the Leafs to the brink, forcing the game into overtime where Auston Matthews secured the win.

This morning, the Toronto Sun released an article dissecting the Leafs' triumph over Anaheim. The headline, however, seemed to overlook Dostal's extraordinary 55-save performance:

"Auston Matthews saves day in OT after no-name goalie vexes Maple Leafs." Toronto Sun Headline

The Ducks, understandably displeased with what they perceived as disrespect towards the Czech rookie netminder, called on the Toronto Sun to "do better":

"His name is Lukas Dostal. He had 55 saves last night. He was NHL Rookie of the Month in October. Be better, @TheTorontoSun."

Written by Lance Hornsby, the article itself was not as dismissive as the headline. It remains unclear whether Hornsby pitched the headline or if an editor at the Sun was responsible.

Even Maple Leafs fans voiced their discontent, acknowledging Dostal's stellar performance:

"The Toronto Sun doesn't speak for Leaf Fans, we know Dostal is a great tendy, not a 'no-name goalie.'"

And from Leafs Nation came an apology for what they deemed "trash Toronto media," asserting that the headline was "completely unacceptable." The incident highlights the delicate relationship between teams, fans, and media coverage in the fervent world of hockey journalism.

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Toronto's Media Gets Publicly Called Out By NHL Team

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