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Bad news for Maple Leafs confirmed heading into elimination game

Published April 29, 2024 at 12:39

The Toronto Maple Leafs are getting ready for a tough Game 5 against the Boston Bruins, but there's a problem. Auston Matthews, their star player, missed practice again on Monday. This isn't good news, especially since the Leafs are already behind 3-1 in the series.

If they want to keep their playoff hopes alive, they have to win the next three games, starting with Tuesday's game in Boston. But Matthews being sick is a big concern. He's been dealing with an illness, maybe from bad food, and had to sit out part of Game 4 and miss some practices.

Without Matthews, the Leafs have been struggling to score goals. He's been a big part of their offense in this series. If he can't play in Game 5, it could be really tough for the Leafs.

Other players, like Max Domi, are trying to step up and fill Matthews' spot on the power play. But it's not the same without him.

Doesn't look like Auston Matthews will practice today. #Leafs working on a PP1 drill on another pad with Domi on in place of him.

If the Leafs don't win Game 5, it could mean the end of their playoff dreams. And if that happens, there might be big changes for the team in the offseason.

Fans are hoping Matthews will be back on the ice soon, but for now, it's a waiting game.

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Bad news for Maple Leafs confirmed heading into elimination game

Can the Leafs win a game without Auston Matthews?

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