BREAKING: Alex Pietrangelo Receives Suspension for Dirty Play Last Night

Published May 11, 2023 at 8:08 PM

While the Bruins may no longer be in the playoff picture, that doesn't mean Boston fans can't enjoy other games. They're still entertaining, and full of that gritty style of play that Boston sports fans love. Sometimes, however, there has to be a limit set with what is going too far, and Alex Pietrangelo broke that limit last night.

C'mon Alex, That's a Low Blow

Last night's game didn't go quite as planned for the Vegas Golden Knights, and they now find themselves locked in a tied series with Edmonton. Just because you lose a game doesn't give you the right to attack your opponents, especially when they can't defend themselves.

Alex Pietrangelo did just that, however, and took his frustrations out on the wrist of Edmonton's Leon Draisaitl.

The two-handed slash to the wrist of Draisaitl got earned Pietrangelo a major penalty, and the league announced earlier today that he would have a hearing for his actions.

The result of that hearing has finally been released, and we now know that Pietrangelo will have to sit out one game due to his suspension.

This is incredibly dissapointing news for Vegas, who will be down one of their biggest impact players in a close series.

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BREAKING: Alex Pietrangelo Receives Suspension for Dirty Play Last Night

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