Coyotes vs Panthers fighting

Multiple Fights Break Loose 7 Seconds Into Panthers Game

Published January 24, 2024 at 10:20 PM

As the Florida Panthers faced off against the Arizona Coyotes, pre-game warmups hinted at lingering tension from the recent Nick Cousins incident. Observers could sense unresolved issues between the teams since this was their first meeting post the Cousins altercation.

During warmups, a notable exchange took place at center ice involving three players from each side. Jason Zucker, responsible for concussing Cousins, was part of this interaction, fueling speculation of a potential post-puck drop altercation.

Three #FlaPanthers and three #Yotes had a meeting at center ice at start of warmups.

Jason Zucker, who concussed Nick Cousins, part of meeting with Jonah Gadjovich and Ryan Lomberg.

Fight scheduled for after puck drop?

True to expectations, as soon as the game commenced, Panthers' Ryan Lomberg and Coyotes' Jack McBain engaged in a heated fight, emphasizing the intensity of the anticipated confrontation. Following a brief halt for order restoration, Liam O'Brien of Arizona and Jonah Gadjovich of Florida initiated another intense bout, with O'Brien landing significant punches before officials intervened.

The escalating tension had been building, and this altercation was likely just the beginning. Three weeks earlier, Cousins had delivered a notorious hit on the Coyotes' Juuso Valimaki, leading to retaliation by Zucker and his subsequent suspension. Cousins, absent from tonight's game, hasn't played since Zucker's hit, setting the stage for potential further incidents before the game concludes.

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Multiple Fights Break Loose 7 Seconds Into Panthers Game

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