Bennett and Lindholm fighting
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Lindholm Sucker Punches Bennett Then Gets Tossed Around

Published March 27, 2024 at 9:33

Last night's game between the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers got pretty intense during the second period, especially when Hampus Lindholm and Sam Bennett got into it.

After a whistle, things heated up between Lindholm and Bennett, with Bennett knocking Lindholm's helmet off. Lindholm didn't take it lightly and threw a sucker punch at Bennett, sparking a full-on scuffle.

Bennett retaliated with some solid punches, and the two ended up in the penalty box with major fighting penalties. It was Lindholm's first major fighting penalty in the NHL.

Lindholm poked the bear in Bennett 🫣

This showdown hints at what could be a fiery playoff matchup between the two teams. Can't wait for the rematch!

As seen on Shenanigans lead to Lindholm sucker punching Bennett, who then rag dolls him!
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Lindholm Sucker Punches Bennett Then Gets Tossed Around

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