BREAKING: London Nationals Owner Suspended Two Years for Offering Bounty on Player

Published June 24, 2023 at 7:25 PM

Some shocking new out of the Junior hockey scene, as a disturbing incident in London, Ontario was revealed.

The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) immediately took action, sentencing a two-year suspension on the owner of the London Nationals Paul Duarte following an investigation into alleged harassment, abuse, bullying and misconduct.

Paul Duarte is suspended from all Hockey Canada-sanctioned activities for two seasons effective immediately, the Ontario Hockey Federation announced Thursday evening.

The federation said it received allegations of violations of the federation's harassment, abuse, bullying and misconduct policy and its code of conduct last November.

«The OHF retained a third-party investigator to probe the allegations,» the federation said in a brief news release Thursday per The London Free Press.

After the investigation, it was to the investigators knowledge that Duarte had offered a $100 reward for a bounty on an opposing player from a rival team, a terrible act that directly conflicts the fundamental values of sportsmanship.

The exact details of the alleged misconduct were not released by the federation but they were confirmed by Phillip McKee, the organization's executive director.

The two-season suspension sends a strong message that maltreatment will not be tolerated at any level of the sport in Ontario, he said.
«We want to make the game a safe and inclusive place for all individuals,» he said.

«Owners are a leader in the game and they must ensure integrity in their conduct at all times.»
Duarte could not be immediately reached for comment Thursday evening.

Source: Oilersdaily
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