BREAKING - NHL Player Safety Hands Out A 'Joke' Of A Fine

Published May 24, 2023 at 5:40 PM

The decision made by the NHL Player Safety Committee to impose a mere fine on Max Domi for his slash on Mark Stone in Game 3 of the Western Conference Final has caused quite a stir, leaving fans and experts alike confused and engaged in heated debates.

Domi, an accomplished forward playing for the Dallas Stars, has been handed a $5,000 fine, which stands as the maximum penalty allowed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

People argue that this disciplinary action fails to appropriately address the severity of Domi's offense. They point out that the slash in question appeared to be relatively tame, as demonstrated in this video:

As a result of this controversial ruling, concerns have arisen regarding the NHL's approach to enforcing player safety and maintaining consistency in its disciplinary procedures. It's worth recalling another incident from the Vegas series, where Leon Draisaitl received a two-handed slash, resulting in only a one-game suspension:

Such disparities in disciplinary outcomes only serve to fuel the ongoing discussions surrounding player safety in the league.
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BREAKING - NHL Player Safety Hands Out A 'Joke' Of A Fine

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