Bettman Screws Over Another Boston Sports Team

Published May 29, 2023 at 10:20 PM

In an unfortunate twist of scheduling, the NHL's Commissioner, Gary Bettman, has once again found himself in hot water with fans and sports enthusiasts alike. Game 6 of the highly-anticipated playoffs, featuring a thrilling face-off between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Dallas Stars, has been scheduled on the same night as what could potentially be the biggest NBA game of the year.

It seems that the NHL is stepping on its own skates, as this clash coincides with a possible historic Game 7 in the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals. The Boston Celtics, facing an uphill battle with a 3-0 series deficit, have the chance to etch their names in the annals of basketball history by mounting an incredible comeback.

For sports fans who appreciate both hockey and basketball, this scheduling dilemma poses quite the predicament. Choosing between witnessing the exhilarating conclusion of an intense NHL playoff series or witnessing a potential unprecedented achievement in the NBA is no easy task.

May 29   |   47 answers
Bettman Screws Over Another Boston Sports Team

What game did you end up watching?

Celtics vs Heat2246.8 %
Vegas vs Dallas2553.2 %
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