Massive Fight In The KHL Takes A Turn For The Worst

Published August 13, 2023 at 12:52

As the KHL pre-season springs into action, the ice is set for an array of tournaments, with HC Lada stepping into the limelight.

The 2023 Lada Cup unfolds with a quartet of teams vying for supremacy: Lada (Togliatti), Kunlun Red Star (Beijing), Neftekhimik (Nizhnekamsk), and Khimik (Voskresensk).

In a recent bout that ignited excitement, Mikhail Fisenko and Lev Stavrikov engaged in a fiery clash. The stage was set as the 6'1, 207 lbs Fisenko took on the towering 6'7, 201 lbs Stavrikov. The ensuing video clip captures Fisenko's dominant performance, punctuated by punches that clinched Stavrikov's downfall.

In a spirited showcase of strength, Fisenko emerged as the victor, leaving an indelible mark with his formidable punches.

Source - flyersinsider
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