Massive Line Brawl Breaks Out In University Game

Published August 20, 2023 at 6:27

A dramatic scene unfolded during an exhibition game between Korea University and Waseda University in Seoul over the weekend.

As the game was deadlocked at 2-2 in the third period, Lee Yoon-seok of Korea University stepped up and secured a last-minute goal, giving his team a 3-2 lead.

Last-Minute Brawl

With only three seconds remaining in the final period, a line brawl erupted between the two teams. While most players engaged in pushing and shoving, a few exchanged punches before the situation was diffused.

Awaiting The Rematch

Hockey fans won't want to miss the anticipated rematch between these fierce competitors. The two sides are set to face off once more on Sunday, promising another exciting showdown.

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Massive Line Brawl Breaks Out In University Game

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