NHLPA Terminates Long-Serving Member

Published August 17, 2023 at 10:20 PM

The National Hockey League Player's Association has long faced criticism for its performance in negotiations. Don Fehr and Mathieu Schneider's leadership has been marked by repeated losses in negotiations, from contentious salary cap agreements to burdensome escrow payments that favored owners.

However, change is now in the air with the appointment of Marty Walsh. The announcement, made by Frank Seravalli, reveals a significant development: the decision to part ways with Mathieu Schneider at the suggestion of Marty Walsh himself.

Sources report that Mathieu Schneider and the #NHLPA have decided to go separate ways, ending his 12-year tenure as the second-in-command at the players' union. The initiative was prompted by executive director Marty Walsh.

This marks a significant step for a leadership that aims to break away from the past's losing legacy. Under Walsh's guidance, accountability has been paramount. Notably, Walsh refused to engage in negotiations regarding a salary cap increase with the league last summer, a move that countered the league's call for higher escrow payments.

For the Players Association, this marks a substantial victory after years of uphill struggles.

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