REPORT: Kyle Dubas Heading To Pittsburgh?

Published May 21, 2023 at 1:49

The Pittsburgh Penguins, are now on the hunt for a new General Manager. The Penguins are without a GM, after firing Ron Hextall, just two months ago.

A possible candidate to keep an eye on is Kyle Dubas, as the Pittsburgh Penguins have been granted permission to talk with Dubas.

Kyle Dubas, was rumoured to be one of the main general managers the Penguins were looking into.

Elliotte Friedman on a previous 32 Thoughts Podcast, believed that the Penguins want to get this deal done sooner rather than later. The Penguins will have to inform Kyle Dubas quickly, before things get to comfortable back in Toronto.

Elliotte Friedman made the news official, during Hockey Night In Canada on Friday night. Also mentioning it in the most recent 32 Thoughts Podcast.

It seemed like Kyle Dubas was out of the thick of things, but after a media conference last Monday, Brendan Shanahan had a shift in plan. Additionally, Kyle Dubas wanted a bigger pay-out, asking for six — seven million for five-years, as well wanting total power. He said, the Leafs were only offering four million.

Brendan Shanahan said when the team received Dubas' counter-offer, he knew it was time to move on.

Now with Kyle Dubas' being let go, fires are starting to spread. Apparently Brendan Shanahan blocked certain transactions Kyle Dubas wanted to make over a course of multiple seasons.

The Leafs President also at times dictated certain moves he wanted made that Dubas didn't agree with. This obviously causing tension within their relationship with one another. Giving a pretty obvious answer as to why Kyle Dubas, asked for full control.

Now would be the perfect time for the Penguins to talk with Kyle Dubas, especially if they want this done quickly. Kyle Dubas is a young and talented general manager, who with control and his own freedom could help turn around a hockey club.
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REPORT: Kyle Dubas Heading To Pittsburgh?

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