Ron MacLean Opens Up About the End of Coaches Corner

Published August 20, 2023 at 5:19 PM

Approaching the four-year mark since the departure of Don Cherry and Coaches Corner from Hockey Night in Canada, Ron MacLean, the other half of the legendary duo, has chosen to break his silence regarding the show's exit. Coaches Corner had been a fixture in Canadian hockey households for decades.

Unveiling the Demise

In a recent podcast interview, MacLean shed light on the circumstances surrounding Coaches Corner's abrupt end. He acknowledged that while Cherry had a knack for connecting with viewers and understanding their preferences, the show was operating under different standards. MacLean recognized that the show's run might have naturally concluded in due time.

"Grapes was good at reaching his viewer and knowing what they wanted — expert at that — but we are held to a different metric or standard now, and I don't know if we could have made it much longer," MacLean explained. He also expressed that he's relieved that people aren't excessively angered by Cherry's remarks. "They should be — don't ever get me wrong. You can't project an attitude on people just because of where they're from. We were so wrong, and it just needed an apology and it would have been gone; we would have been onward and upward. But people aren't that angry about it. It wasn't the worst thing that's ever been said in the history of humanity, so he kind of went out on top and people miss him and I think that's kind of a nice way to be."

The incident referred to was the incident that led to Cherry's departure from the show.

Addressing a Complex Situation

MacLean's perspective might not sit well with everyone, but his willingness to address the incident from his point of view showcases his intention to navigate a difficult situation in a manner he deemed right.

Balancing Allegiances

While recognizing Don Cherry's status as a national treasure, MacLean's decision to address the incident reflects the complex interplay of personal relationships and professional commitments. The dynamics between longtime co-hosts and friends adds layers of nuance to the situation.

As the years pass, Ron MacLean's candidness offers insights into the challenges faced and decisions made during a time that significantly impacted Canadian hockey broadcasting.

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Ron MacLean Opens Up About the End of Coaches Corner

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