Bad News For Matt Beleskey.

Published October 24, 2018 at 12:44

Last year when the Boston Bruins acquired Rick Nash from the New York Rangers, one of the key parts of the trade for the Bruins was dumping underperforming Matt Beleskey on the Rangers. 

Beleskey's contract had started to become a burden on the Bruins salary cap especially with some big contracts coming up. 

Looks like that contract had become a burden on the Rangers as well, as Beleskey was placed on waivers by New York on Wednesday. 

As part of the trade, the Bruins retained 50% of Beleskey's salary. 

While the Rangers will get a bit of cap relief by placing Beleskey in the minors, the Bruins will still carry $1.9million of that salary for the next two seasons. 

Do you think Beleskey's days in the NHL are officially done?
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