Bob McKenzie Gives Insight On The Bruins Trade Deadline Approach

Published February 9, 2018 at 12:02

Before the Boston Bruins took the ice against the New York Rangers on Wednesday night, Bob McKenzie joined the NBC Sports Network to talk about the Boston Bruins.

The respected insider called the Bruins a legitimate Stanley Cup contender, but wasn't sure if they are going to make any big moves before the February trade deadline. Don Sweeney may not want to risk breaking up the chemistry his team has in order to acquire a rental for the stretch run.

"I don't think there's any question the Boston Bruins management team and coaching staff, in a perfect world, would love to add a top-six or top-nine scoring winger," McKenzie said. "The question I would have is how prepared are they to part with draft picks and/or prospects.

And they've got a lot of prospects, guys that are either playing in Providence or on the way playing college hockey, junior hockey. They are well-positioned, if they want to give up draft picks and prospects, that they could get into that rental market, or they could go out and look for wingers that have got some term left on their deal and do a bigger deal than that.

I'm still not entirely convinced that they will be willing to pay the price required at the deadline. If the prices don't come down, especially on the rentals, I'm not sure Boston will make that big plunge for somebody.

But it's certainly something that they're considering at this point in time. And they could always use more depth on the blueline, and I think that is most certainly something they are going to try to address between now and the deadline – but depth as opposed to anything that would disrupt the Top 4 chemistry they've got going already."
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