Brad Marchand Receives Interesting Votes From NHLPA.

Published March 20, 2019 at 10:12

Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand gets a lot of attention around the league for both the right and wrong reasons. 

He received some pretty interesting attention from players around the league as the NHLPA released it's annual player pool. 

Marchand led the votes for both best and worst trash talker in the league. 

Marchand took 21.3% of the vote for best trash talker as Drew Doughty came in second with 11.8%.

The B's feisty forward took 12.5% of the vote when it came to the worst trash talker as Anotine Roussel came in second at 5.5% and P.K. Subban not far behind at 5.1%. 

The fact that Marchand took both categories really goes to show you how much he gets under opponents skin. 
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