Brad Marchand Trolls Himself On Twitter.

Published January 17, 2020 at 11:13

After a couple of tough games, the Boston Bruins were able to get a W back on the board with a 4-1 win against the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

The mood was lighter after the back to back losses and news Tuukka Rask was going on injured reserve. 

A win usually changes everything. 

Bruins forward made the highlight reels again this morning, unfortunately it was for another gaff.

Marchand had a breakaway chance against the Penguins, however totally fanned on the puck killing the scoring chance. 

It was reminiscent of his shootout gaff the other night against the Columbus Blue Jackets and Marchand poked fun at himself on Twitter Friday morning. 

"ATTENTION...hands have been lost or stolen, if found please return to TD Garden...thanks"

A little preemptive strike by Marchand before Torey Krug owns him again we guess. 

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