Brian Burke Rips Mike O'Connell!

Published April 8, 2020 at 3:35 PM

It's starting to get really heated between two former NHL general managers. 

It all started with former Anaheim Ducks GM and current NHL analyst Brian Burke hosting a Q&A on Twitter. 

Burke said the trade that never happened which he wished he did was the offer he had for Joe Thornton and added he made a better off than San Jose did. 

"I tried desperately to get Joe Thornton to Anaheim. I thought we beat the offer that got accepted. Mike O'Connell was the GM and we were babysitting him, checking in once a day, sometimes more.
I told OC that I would protect 5 players on my roster and he could take whoever he had ranked 6th. No restrictions. Then I'd add another roster player, a prospect, and a first. I'm still bitter we didn't get him."

Mike O'Connell was the Bruins general manager at the time of the Thornton trade and when he was made aware of the comments he called them a flat out lie. 
"The details surrounding this story are fabricated and I can confirm that no such offer was made to me as I never informed Anaheim of my intentions to trade Joe Thornton," O'Connell said. "Unfortunately, certain personalities never let the truth get in the way of their ultimate goal, self-promotion."

Now it sounds like Burke wants to beat up O'Connell. 

"First off, I wish we were in the same room, if you are calling me a liar.... I've been accused of many things, but certainly not being untruthful"

WOW! This doesn't sound like it will end anytime soon. 

Do you think O'Connell is embarrassed by the Thornton trade he made and trying to cover his tracks or do you think Burke is just making the story up for attention. 

You can check out Burke's latest interview below:

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