Bruce Cassidy Doesn't Want To Mess With Team Chemistry

Published February 23, 2018 at 11:50

The Boston Bruins added defenseman Nick Holden to the fold earlier this and he will make his team debut versus the Toronto Maple Leafs Saturday night. 

Depending on you who talk to, the Bruins may or may not be done on the trade market.

Before acquiring Holden, team president Cam Neely expressed that the team is being very cautious at the deadline because they don't want to break up the team chemistry they have going right now.  Head coach Bruce Cassidy shares this line of thinking.

"I think it's been factored into conversations between me and Donny [Sweeney] that we have a group with some real togetherness there this season," Cassidy told Joe Haggerty of NBC Sports Boston on Thursday. "At the end of the day if you can add and make your team better then you always have to look at it, and Donny is looking at that right now.
"Adding [Nick] Holden I think he's done that and we've added some more depth. But after that I do worry about if we subtract somebody from the room. If you're adding and you're not subtracting, i.e. future assets, then as a coach you always prefer to go that way. But Donnie will do what's best and as a coaching staff we'll take it from there so to speak. But there is a good chemistry with that group ... a very good chemistry in that locker room."

By the sound of things, if the Bruins are to make another deal it will not be a blockbuster that involves trading away young talent on the NHL roster.  If they do something else, it will likely be a cheaper veteran winger.
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