Bruce Cassidy Says Team Looks Forward To Being Boston's Next Champion.

Published February 5, 2019 at 10:01

Thanks to the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, the city of Boston is enjoying that familiar feeling of being champions again. 

While the Patriots will enjoy the duck boat parade on Tuesday, the Boston Bruins season continues and the team holds on to their playoff spot. 

With the city of Boston hoping that the Celtics and Bruins are next, head coach Bruce Cassidy says his team is up for the challenge. 

"We're next!" said the Bruins head coach. "I don't know if there would be more (motivation) because you're always motivated to win the Stanley Cup. I know I am. I've never won it and its the No. 1 goal. 

"But is something to talk about. They've set the stage for it, so it's us and the Celtics next. Both teams are playing better and trending in the right direction, so hopefully we can get it done. I don't think we're the strongest favorites as the Red Sox and the Pats [were]. But it doesn't mean we can't do it and be next. We look forward to the challenge."

Let's do this!
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