Cam Neely Comments On Charlie McAvoy Rumors.

Published January 7, 2019 at 12:02

Charlie McAvoy is sidelined once again due to injury and speculation has started to grow. 

Last week Joe Haggerty reported that the Boston Bruins could be unhappy with McAvoy as he continues to miss action. 

After Haggerty's report came out some chatter started to surface that it wasn't just McAvoy's health that was a problem, rumors of some behavioral issues surfaced as well. 

Team president Cam Neely was asked about the rumours on 98.5FM.

"It's come out," host Michael Felger said to Neely, "that he's not exactly a timely professional. He misses buses, I mean, even [Brad] Marchand said it in an interview. Has there been an issue off the ice with McAvoy with just that little thing?"

"I don't look at it as a major issue," said Neely, specifically addressing McAvoy's behavior. "There was nothing missed . . . he was just late. And, as it should be, it's frowned upon.

"But having said that, our locker room handled it, and it should be that way . . . for me, it hasn't been elevated to where it's become a real issue . . . it's a young player, you know, probably getting caught up in things and trying to figure things out. Not an issue."

What do you think of Neely's comments?
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