Cassidy And Marchand Comment On Tuukka's Incredible Save.

Published November 22, 2019 at 9:27

The Boston Bruins took down division rival Buffalo last night and it was largely because of an incredible save by Tuukka Rask. 

With the final score being 3-2, the save made a huge difference. 

The save was so exciting that Bruins' players stood up on the bench and tapped their sticks in appreciation. 

B's forward, Brad Marchand, explained how it got the team pumped up. 

"Yeah, pretty excited," Marchand said. "That's the highlight save of the year. That's why he's making the big bucks and we've got him back there to save our butts, so we're lucky to have him."

Head coach Bruce Cassidy said it gave him flashbacks of one of the game's best, Dominik Hasek. 

"That was a Dominik Hasek save. For you young people out there, he was an old goalie in the league who was very acrobatic, and that's what it was," Cassidy said. "Everyone realizes we should have been scored on, so it does give you a boost. Big plays give you a boost, right? Saves are part of that and he sure did for us."

While Cassidy wasn't entirely impressed by the Bruins' performance, he's grateful for Rask's. 

"Superb," Cassidy said. "We needed every save, obviously. Not much else to save."

Check out the save again below:

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