Charlie McAvoy Speaks To Media Regarding Tardiness Rumors.

Published January 9, 2019 at 2:50 PM

It's been quite a week for Charlie McAvoy in the news as we've heard his name get attached to some Tyler Seguin type behaviour. 

Luckily for everybody involved that seems to be far from the case. 

Head coach Bruce Cassidy laughed off the rumors while Brad Marchand went to bat for his teammate. 

After skating with his teammates for the first time at practice on Wednesday, McAvoy met with the media and responded to a question asked about the rumors. 

"A learning experience non the less, there was definitely a learning opportunity, I'm trying to be really receptive of that and I think I am, I don't really think it was big thing going on and I think everybody figured that out after people were surprised to even hear such a thing" McAvoy told Joe Haggerty of NBC Sports "We had a bit of a talk between the young guys and the veterans and we're very fortunate, I get to walk into the locker room everyday with guys like Z and Bergey and Marchy, real consummate pros, guys I idolize and want to be just like that, if I can learn their habits I'll be better off for it. "

Sounds like while the rumours were acknowledged in the locker room, the whole thing was definitely blown out of proportion. 
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