Jake DeBrusk Reveals His Family Received Death Threats From Leafs' Fans.

Published April 25, 2019 at 1:33 PM

The Boston Bruins won a huge emotional seven game series against the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

It was intense both on and off the ice and it seems some people might have taken it too far. 

When speaking to the media on Thursday, Bruins' forward Jake DeBrusk revealed that his family received death threats from Leafs' fans during the series. 

"It was something I didn't really expect ....ever, it was my first go around with that, its not something that really got to me, but it was there and it wasn't really stopping so I just tried to diffuse it" DeBrusk told reporters "When it gets to the family its a little a different, the guys in the room here really took me in and helped me get over it. There's guys here who've had some similar reactions over their time and they really helped me. The best way to go about it, is that we won the series and I guess I won't have to deal with it for another year. "

He tried not to take it too seriously. 

"I don't really think there's a time and a place for death threats and certain things like that. But it's 2019 and social media, there's people on the other side of that that think you're a god and then there's people that want to kill you. You can't take it too seriously either way. "

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