Marchand Sounds Off On Concussion Spotter.

Published November 29, 2019 at 5:26 PM

The Boston Bruins took down the New York Rangers in overtime for their sixth straight win. 

During the game Bruins' forward Brad Marchand was pulled by one of the league's concussion spotters. 

He did eventually return to the game and during his postgame talk with reporters in the locker room he wasn't very happy. 

"That's embarrassing. I mean, they had 30 minutes, 20 minutes to sit there and review the tape and call that in, but they made me come out in a 2-1 game as we're starting to get momentum to do that. 

They're busy eating pizza and cheese burgers and can't watch the game, so maybe next time pull his head out of his butt and watch the game."

Wow... Another mic drop moment by the B's forward. 
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