Report: Bruins Have Trade Offer On Table For Tyler Toffoli.

Published January 10, 2020 at 5:28 PM

The Boston Bruin search for a top six winger continues and apparently they have an offer on the table and they just have to say yes. 

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman reported during his "31 Thoughts" podcast that the Bruins have a deal with the Los Angeles Kings in their back pocket. 

The deal would be for Tyler Toffoli who the Bruins have been connected to since last season. 

Why hasn't the deal happened yet?

Friedman adds that the Bruins priority is to try and land New York Rangers forward Chris Kreider and they won't pull the trigger on Toffoli until they know where they stand on Kreider. 

"I'll tell you this, I do think Boston, if they wanted to, could do a deal for Toffoli almost at any time. I think they know they've got that in their hip pocket," Friedman said. "So the question is: do you do that or do you wait for Kreider?"

Kreider would cost way more for the Bruins to land but also brings way more to the table. 

Both players are UFA after this season. 
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