Some Fans Demanding Tuukka Rask Be Traded.

Published May 15, 2018 at 11:45

Tuukka Rask, the Boston Bruins starting goalie and the guy who probably gets the finger pointed at the most. 

No matter how good or bad the Bruins are, the bad usually falls on Tuukka's shoulders by a very specific group of fans, and that group of fans are screaming louder than ever for Rask to be traded. 

But does it make any sense to trade Tuukka?

The Stanley Cup Of Chowder blog doesn't think so.

There's a bunch of reasons why the Bruins shouldn't trade Rask, most importantly, the Bruins have no short or long term solutions to replace him. 

While that should end the debate, here's the three reasons the blog thinks it would be a bad idea:

1 - Trading Rask is already a hassle to begin with, and the return would have to be phenominal to make it worth it.

2 - Free Agency for goalies right now is built for Backups, not Starters.

3 - Boston hasn't developed anyone who can replace him.

Do you want to see the Bruins trade Rask or do you think he's a big part of the Bruins success?
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