Toronto Radio Hosts Say Bruins Making Stanley Cup Final Miserable For Humanity.

Published May 17, 2019 at 10:28

The Boston Bruins broke the hearts of Carolina Hurricanes fans and their Cinderella season on Thursday night when they completed the sweep of the Hurricanes. 

However it seems they also broke the brains of Toronto Maple Leafs' fans who are still crying about their first round loss to the Bruins. 

This morning as TSN 1050 in Toronto talked about how it felt to watch the Bruins take their season to the Stanley Cup Finals they took their crying to a new level. 

Saying it's miserable for humanity to watch Boston make it to another final even adding that
"Chara is a big giant troll who spends his off time fleeing from peasants and eating children". 

It's quite incredible to hear feelings hurt so bad it's radio gold. 

You have to listen in the clip below:

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