The Boston Bruins Are Set To Acquire Surprising Player

Published December 28, 2023 at 0:01

With ongoing speculation surrounding the Boston Bruins' interest in Calgary's Elias Lindholm, there's a buzz about a potential shift in focus. Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now suggests that if the asking price for Lindholm remains high, the Bruins might turn their attention to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Murphy anticipates that, following the roster freeze, Chicago could make center Tyler Johnson available for trade, possibly with salary retention. Despite injury concerns, Johnson emerges as a cost-effective middle-six option for the Bruins, presenting a potential buy-low opportunity.

While acknowledging Johnson's shift from a top-six role, Murphy emphasizes his Stanley Cup pedigree and seasoned experience, making him a viable consideration for the Bruins. While not deemed a front-runner, Murphy hints at a potential change in perspective if the Bruins face challenges securing other available centers in the trade market.

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The Boston Bruins Are Set To Acquire Surprising Player

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