The Bruins Have Officially Phoned The Edmonton Oilers Regarding This Forward

Published May 25, 2023 at 1:57 PM

Player transactions and evaluations are a constant aspect of a general manager's role in the world of hockey.

The Boston Bruins have emerged as a team demonstrating significant interest in multiple players, particularly Klim Kostin. The Bruins have developed a genuine liking for Kostin's skills and potential, making him a top priority for their roster.

On the other side of the equation, the Edmonton Oilers have shown a keen interest in Carlo, a defenseman who has caught their attention. However, the Bruins have made it clear that they highly value Carlo's contributions as a shutdown defenseman, resulting in their strong commitment to retaining him. This indicates the challenges the Oilers may face if they intend to acquire Carlo from Boston.

Also, the Oilers have been actively pursuing Ullmark, a goaltender they believe would greatly benefit their team. However, a hurdle they currently face is the question of clearing the necessary salary cap space to accommodate Ullmark's contract..

For both the Bruins and the Oilers, these player evaluations and potential acquisitions are crucial decisions that will impact their respective rosters and performance on the ice. General managers must carefully weigh their options, considering factors such as player skill, team needs, and financial implications, to make the most informed choices for their organizations.
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The Bruins Have Officially Phoned The Edmonton Oilers Regarding This Forward

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