BREAKING: Bruins prospect keeps his heartfelt promise

Last year, a heartfelt moment unfolded for Boston Bruins prospect Jakub Lauko as he scored his first NHL goal against the Pittsburgh Penguins in a thrilling 6-5 overtime victory. But for Lauko, the significance of that moment extended beyond the rink.

In a touching tribute, Lauko decided to give the milestone puck to the mother of his late childhood friend, Ondrej Buchtela, who tragically lost his life to cancer a few years ago. The two had grown up together, sharing their love for hockey on and off the ice.

"I made a promise to my dying friend two years ago that I would make it to the NHL for him,"
Lauko revealed. And he certainly kept that promise.

Despite the excitement of his accomplishment, Lauko knew the puck belonged with Buchtela's mother in the Czech Republic.
"It's going to his mother. My dad and mom might be a little disappointed, but I made a promise to him and his family,"
he shared.

Yesterday, Lauko tweeted a heartwarming photo, capturing him and Buchtela's mom together, with her holding the precious puck that fulfilled the heartfelt promise.

It's a beautiful reminder that hockey isn't just about goals and wins, but also the bonds and promises that transcend the sport and touch lives in a truly meaningful way.