3X Cup Champ Is All In To Join The Boston Bruins

Published August 24, 2023 at 12:16

NHL superstar Jonathan Toews recently made a heartfelt announcement regarding the upcoming 2023-24 season. While he's not hanging up his skates for good, Toews has decided to take a break from the sport due to health concerns. His focus is on regaining his well-being and making a full recovery.

Toews conveyed his sentiments, saying,
"I want to make it clear that I'm not saying goodbye to the game permanently. Hockey still holds a special place in my heart, and the competitive fire within me burns as strong as ever."

He went on to explain the reasoning behind his decision, highlighting the health challenges he's faced in recent times.
"These past few seasons have been incredibly tough due to health issues. My primary goal now is to give myself the time and opportunity to heal completely and relish life to its fullest once again."

Toews also expressed his empathy for others who've grappled with similar health problems, including long COVID and chronic immune response syndrome.
"I've come across many individuals who've battled health complications like long COVID and other intricate cases. It's become clear to me how important it is to eventually share my health journey with all of you."

He wrapped up his statement by thanking his supporters and acknowledging their respect for his privacy. The announcement marks a temporary pause in Toews' impressive 1,067-game tenure with the Chicago Blackhawks, a period during which he contributed significantly to the team's achievements.

What Lies Ahead?

Rumors have emerged regarding Toews' potential destination when he returns to action. Reports suggest that before revealing his hiatus, Toews was seriously considering signing with the Boston Bruins. With Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci's retirements leaving a void in the Bruins' center positions, talks are circulating that Toews might just find his new home with the Bruins when he's back on the ice.

Source Hawksinsider
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3X Cup Champ Is All In To Join The Boston Bruins

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