Bruins Cap Struggles Will Reportedly Be Fixed In 2024-25

Published August 31, 2023 at 8:25

According to Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman of the 32 Thoughts Podcast, the salary cap may be increased considerably next season.

If the salary ceiling was raised above the minimal increase of $1 million provided to teams by Bettman and the league last season, there might be genuine parity in the league again, as more teams could potentially able to assemble solid teams and dig out of some cap issues.

While there is no official word on how high it will be lifted, there is no doubt that it will be raised and that it will assist some clubs in moving in the right direction. For example, consider the Boston Bruins, who are facing severe cap constraints after putting in long hours and falling short all season.

This limit increase would give the Boston Bruins a small window of time to fix some cap issues and get back on their feet.

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Bruins Cap Struggles Will Reportedly Be Fixed In 2024-25

Will the Bruins be buyers or sellers at the deadline?

Sellers721.2 %
Buyers1236.4 %
Neither1442.4 %
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