Surprising Development In Nylander Heading To Boston

Published August 25, 2023 at 6:28 PM

The Boston Bruins head into the 2024 free agency season with a healthy $28.5 million cap space, gearing up for the exciting prospects of the 2024 FA market.

A question on everyone's minds: Could they steal Nylander away from Toronto to join forces with his pal David Pastrnak?

This intriguing scenario gains weight considering that William Nylander's father, Michael Nylander, once played for the Bruins.

While the cap space sets the stage for opportunities, there's no doubt that clinching Nylander's partnership will come with its own set of hurdles.
August 25   |   132 answers
Surprising Development In Nylander Heading To Boston

Should the Bruins try to sign Nylander if he becomes a free agent?

Yes9672.7 %
No3627.3 %
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