Why The Bruins Need To Sign This Player ASAP

Austin Sabourin
August 25, 2023  (3:10)

As the Boston Bruins navigate the ever-evolving landscape of their roster, the team's focus now turns to Jake DeBrusk. With the departure of veteran stalwarts, DeBrusk's role becomes increasingly vital. The question on everyone's mind: should he be a core piece for the future?

Building for the Future
The Boston Bruins are in a transitional phase, bidding farewell to a veteran core that guided the team for 15 years. Now, the spotlight shines on younger talents like Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak, but also on Jake DeBrusk. General Manager Don Sweeney's task is clear—lay the foundation for the next decade of success, and he already has key elements in place with Pastrnak, Charlie McAvoy, and emerging goalie Jeremy Swayman.
At just 26 years old, DeBrusk's journey with the Bruins has been marked by highs and lows. From a standout rookie season to battling inconsistency and facing trade requests, he's experienced a range of challenges. A turning point arrived in the 2021-22 season when Coach Bruce Cassidy paired him with Marchand and Bergeron, leading to a surge in his performance.
A Season of Redemption
The 2022-23 season saw DeBrusk's resurgence, as he notched a career-high 50 points (27 goals, 23 assists) in 68 games under the guidance of new head coach Jim Montgomery. Beyond his offensive prowess, DeBrusk demonstrated impressive strides in his defensive game, contributing to the penalty kill and elevating his all-around play.
A Valuable Asset
DeBrusk's impact extends beyond statistics. He's proven his value as a 25-30 goal scorer with an improving defensive skill set—a combination that's not easy to find. His age suggests that his best years are still ahead, making him a crucial piece in the Bruins' puzzle.
Balancing the Future
As the Bruins weigh their options, the challenge lies in striking the right balance. The Lightning's recent contract with Brandon Hagel provides a benchmark, but the ultimate decision rests on securing DeBrusk's signature now or allowing him to bet on his future performance.
For the Bruins, the smart play would be securing DeBrusk's future sooner rather than later. His potential, offensive prowess, and evolving defensive abilities make him a player worth keeping. While DeBrusk may not be an elite player, his contribution to the team's success is undeniable, and his age indicates untapped potential.
As the season approaches, the spotlight on DeBrusk intensifies. The Bruins have a choice to make—to invest in his future now or to wait and see. The bottom line remains: retaining DeBrusk could prove to be a pivotal move in sustaining the team's competitiveness and shaping its legacy for years to come.
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Why The Bruins Need To Sign This Player ASAP

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