Jim Montgomery post game interview
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Bruins coach Jim Montgomery not happy and it's bad news for the Leafs

Published May 2, 2024 at 10:15

The hockey world watched closely as the Boston Bruins took on the Toronto Maple Leafs in a big game. Without their star player, Auston Matthews, the Maple Leafs were vulnerable. The Bruins had a chance to win and advance to the next round.

But things didn't go well for the Bruins from the start. The Maple Leafs scored early, surprising everyone. Even though the Bruins tied the game later, they struggled to keep up.

After the game, Bruins coach Jim Montgomery was really upset. He said he was still mad about the loss the next day.

Asked Jim Montgomery how long he lets losses like last night linger.

«I'm still pissed off from last night, to be honest. I don't understand or accept our play from last nightSo I'm gonna be pissed off until puck drop tomorrow night.»

Now, with Game 6 coming up, the Bruins have a chance to make things right. Montgomery wants his team to come out strong and win. It's especially important because this could be his last chance to lead the Bruins to playoff success.

Both Montgomery and the Maple Leafs' coach, Sheldon Keefe, haven't had much playoff success before. But Montgomery is determined to change that and make a difference in his final games with the Bruins.

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Bruins coach Jim Montgomery still "pissed off" about OT loss to Leafs
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Bruins coach Jim Montgomery not happy and it's bad news for the Leafs

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