Swayman and Ullmark
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Bruins Have A Tough Decision To Make Between Ullmark And Swayman

Published March 24, 2024 at 3:43 PM

Heading into the playoffs, uncertainty looms over the Bruins roster with several players vying for spots in the lineup come game 1.

At the forefront is the goaltending dilemma, with Swayman and Ullmark both contenders for the starting position. While Swayman boasts a strong season record, recent performance dips raise questions, contrasting with Ullmark's steady improvement.

Newly acquired forward Pat Maroon faces a similar challenge, aiming to secure a place amidst a thriving 4th line lineup. Competing for spots are Lauko and Beecher, each bringing unique strengths to the team's dynamics.

On the defensive end, Lohrei, Shattenkirk, and Wotherspoon vie for positions, with Wotherspoon emerging as a solid contender. However, the battle intensifies between Lohrei's potential and Shattenkirk's seasoned experience.

Amidst the uncertainty, the Bruins possess a pool of talent, offering flexibility and depth as they prepare for playoff contention.

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Bruins Have A Tough Decision To Make Between Ullmark And Swayman

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