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Jack Edwards Gets Accused Of Being 'Drunk' During Bruins Game

Published March 27, 2024 at 12:17

During Tuesday's game between the Boston Bruins and the Florida Panthers, NESN broadcaster Jack Edwards once again found himself in the spotlight, but not for positive reasons.

Fans took to social media to criticize Edwards, accusing him of being "drunk out of his mind" on air. This comes amid ongoing concerns about his speech, which has become slower and more incoherent in recent broadcasts.

Jack Edwards sounding sauced

jack edwards is drunk out of his mind, but what else is new

Bruins gotta stop letting Jack Edwards get drunk during the game

Despite speculation and criticism, Edwards has been transparent about his health issues, explaining that doctors have yet to provide a clear explanation for his slurred speech.

He remains committed to his role, likening his condition to an in-season injury that he plans to overcome.

However, some fans insist that Edwards should address potential alcohol abuse. As the season progresses, tensions are likely to escalate unless decisive action is taken by NESN management. Until then, the controversy surrounding Edwards is unlikely to dissipate.

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Jack Edwards Gets Accused Of Being 'Drunk' During Bruins Game

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