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Jack Edwards trending after inappropriate comments towards ref

Published April 30, 2024 at 9:02 PM

Boston Bruins commentator Jack Edwards is making waves online after making some controversial remarks about a referee during a recent game. Edwards, known for his passionate commentary, came under fire for calling referee Steve Kozari a "coward" after a contentious moment on the ice.

During the game, a scuffle broke out, and the Bruins ended up getting a penalty. After the incident, defensemen Charlie McAvoy wanted an explanation from referee Steve Kozari. However, Kozari left the ice before McAvoy could talk to him. This led Edwards to call Kozari a "coward" for leaving the ice without addressing McAvoy's concerns.

«McAvoy is seeking explanation from Steve Kozari. And Kozari is the FIRST OFFICIAL TO EXIT THE ICE. COWARD!!!»

Jack Edwards going out on his terms

Edwards' comments have sparked debate among fans and viewers, with many criticizing him for his choice of words. Some believe that Edwards crossed a line by making personal attacks against the referee. Jack Edwards recently announced his retirement following this season, and it sure seems like he is going out on his own terms!
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Jack Edwards trending after inappropriate comments towards ref

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