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Worst case scenario confirmed involving Auston Matthews

Published April 30, 2024 at 4:57 PM

With the Toronto Maple Leafs trailing 3-1 against the Boston Bruins, the tension is high as they gear up for Game 5. However, a cloud of uncertainty hovers over their star player, Auston Matthews, who's been dealing with an illness that kept him out of part of the last game and some practices.

Matthews' health status remains unclear, with the team doctors holding the decision on whether he'll play tonight. Coach Sheldon Keefe didn't offer much insight into the situation.

Despite some time passing, Matthews is still feeling unwell. This poses a big problem for the Maple Leafs, as Matthews has been involved in nearly half of their goals in this series.

No determination yet on Auston Matthews' status for Game 5. It'll be the doctor's call.

Keefe declined to answer if there is something beyond just an illness hindering him.

During yesterday's practice, the team had to prepare as if Matthews wouldn't be on the ice. Max Domi even took Matthews' spot during power play drills.

Doesn't look like Auston Matthews will practice today. #Leafs working on a PP1 drill on another pad with Domi on in place of him.

If Matthews is sidelined tonight, it'll be a big blow for the Maple Leafs, who've struggled to score goals throughout the series. They'll need to find a way to rally together and overcome this obstacle to keep their playoff hopes alive.

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Toronto's Season Is Riding On The Health Of Auston Matthews
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Worst case scenario confirmed involving Auston Matthews

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