Jim Montgomery addressing the media
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Jim Montgomery addressed a major concern involving the Bruins

Published May 10, 2024 at 2:18 PM

Ahead of Game 3 against the Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery addressed concerns about the team's discipline issues, particularly the frequent
"too many men"
penalties they've incurred during the playoffs.

So far, the Bruins have been called for this infraction five times in the postseason, a worrying trend for the team.

Montgomery took responsibility for the mistakes and acknowledged the issue in a recent press conference.

He noted that the number of penalties in the playoffs was alarmingly close to their regular-season total, where they were penalized eight times for too many men on the ice.

Jim Montgomery answered a few Q's today about the 5 too many men penalties during the playoffs thus far & took accountability for it. He also said they've taken more than they did during the regular season. Not exactly. The B's took 8 too many men penalties during the reg season

If the Bruins want a chance to beat the Florida Panthers they are going to have to learn how to be more discipline.

Montgomery's focus on this detail shows his dedication to improving team performance and reducing unnecessary penalties that could hinder their progress.
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Jim Montgomery addressed a major concern involving the Bruins

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